Divorce and Family Mediation

Goals of Divorce Mediation

  • Regulate conflict to minimize physical or psychological damage to either party and to the children involved.
  • Identify parties' real interests.
  • Resolve issues so both parties get as much as possible of what they need.
  • Promote post-divorce cooperation.
  • Educate and empower the parties to resolve future issues as they arise.
To achieve these goals, and related issues, we generally address 1) parenting plans, 2) support, and 3) the division of joint assets and debts.  Each divorce and family mediation is different; however, the average requires between three and six two-hour sessions, spread out over a two to three months. More complex cases and those involving highly contested issues can take longer. 


Divorce and Family Mediation:
  • conducted in an informal but professional atmosphere.
  • requires about three to six two-hour sessions, spread out over two to three months.